This page will be used for notifying members of current updates. There seems to be a conflict as to which pages get updated with member posts. I will have to do more research.

14 May 2022

Take note that the monthly breakfast has been changed to 21 May 2022 as 28 May is Memorial Day Weekend.

With the renewal of some members and the addition of new members the Club now has 32 members.  8 Extra, 13 General, and 11 Techs.  That still leaves 43 inactive members.  I will be sending emails to those we show as inactive to determine if they have moved, joined other groups, or are just no longer interested.

I am also verifying with a new member, that has an IT background, that they are willing to help/backup the website.  With Ken Conradi getting up to speed this welcome addition would give us 3 people capable of maintaining the website well into the foreseeable future.