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  • Where would you tune for a signal that has the same numeric value of frequency in Mhz and wavelength in meters?

26 Jan 2023

Don’t forget Saturday’s breakfast at Connies at 9:00 AM. 

Due to the need for changing locations and dates throughout the year, I have eliminated a permanent location on the calendar.  Instead I will post a location or change of dates here.  It will also be available on the forum.

I have also updated the calendar for all known events for this year.

Our next meeting is 8 Feb and will be “VHF/UHF Propagation” by John Kludt & Doug Forster.

A reminder:  Club dues are due on or before the Jan. meeting.  A renewal form can be downloaded from here.  I have revised the form to give you more room to write.  By completing a new form each year we are able to verify and maintain accurate records for our membership.