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BCARC Meeting 10/17

KG7CSD , October 12 2017
Re:BCARC Meeting 10/17

BCARC Meeting 10/17
In brief: we had an attendance of fewer than 10 members of which accomplished among other things the following.
1. The acceptance for nominee for upcoming elections for the Clubs Treasure and Secretary Positions. Note: we are accepting nominees for all positions and volunteer’s for all other club duties.
2. Brief showing and discussion on wire antenna launching equipment.
3. Brief review of the responses from the Coax Proposal 2018. Many great ideas some of which are being implemented by members present at this meeting. (The club seeks your input on this proposal.)
4. We discussed the need for a new home the club owned HAM TRAILER. Look for a memo from our secretary on this.

Notice what a handful of members at this one meeting have accomplished by sharing their skills and ideas with one another.
We can utilize tools that BCARC already has in place to broaden the participation in sharing our skills and ideas.
Take this website Forum for example. What a great platform for sharing our skills and ideas with one another. We could also get on the air more often with the club repeater system, another great platform.
And just ahead - Stay tuned for an HF net (to be announced) in the works, and finally what are your ideas for platforms to share skills and ideas.
Gary Dingman

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