Older pre-2016 News Articles

Bonner Co. Fair Aug 20th-24th a Success

The 2013 Bonner Co. Fair held 8/20-8/24 in Sandpoint went smoothly. Thanks to the 14 operators who had participated either at the fair grounds or had helped prior to the fair getting the command trailer operational. Thanks to Larry KF7TNA who loaned us the use of a VHF/UHF cross band repeater running on 145.600 simplex and 446.350 simplex. Thanks to Bonner Co. for loaning us the use of VTAC radios that allowed us direct communication with Bonner EMS. This was the first year we had that capability.

2013 Sandpoint 4th of July Parade a Success

The 2013 Sandpoint 4th of July Parade went great with 10 operators placed around the parade course and staging areas.

Field Day 2013 a Success

Field Day on June 22-23 had a good turn out. This was our first Field Day as a club in many years. We ran 4A meaning 4 transmitters operational at same time. We had 24 people sign the guest log. Of those 24, we had 6 try their hand at the microphone. We used the BCARC club callsign of K7JEP. Good work everyone. Now the big wait for the results to be published in QST.

Idaho Tower Bill 1065

Update on Idaho Senate Bill No. 1065 has passed both senate and house votes and has gone to Governor to sign. This bill will require all guyed towers in Idaho to be painted orange and white with flashing lights on top and orange balls on the guy wires. It DOES exclude amateur radio towers. Read full bill at: HERE

Now if Idaho will follow Montana and other states by adding a law protecting amateur radio antennas and towers from local laws and covenances.

Congratulations New Hams and Upgrades!

We had 19 people at the testing session March 26th. 2013. Only 1 person trying for Tech did not pass that I know of. There was a few upgrades to General and Extra.

Great job to Brian KD7MTH, Josh KE7MTF and Kraig KE7SKJ for teaching the classes. A thanks goes to Anthony AE7HS, Mike WB7RBH, Art N7MNK, Ed KE7MDQ and Kirk N6SXR who all came down from Boundary county to administer the test. Also a big thanks to Sandpoint Parks & Rec for the use of the Community Hall.

Looking for your new call or upgrade, go to: FCC Callsign Search