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  • Where would you tune for a signal that has the same numeric value of frequency in Mhz and wavelength in meters?  (17.320508 MHz = 17.320508 meters)
  • VHF enthusiasts discovered and documented what unusual propagation mode? Trans-equatorial skip. TE was not considered possible at VHF until hams found it.

15 Mar 2023 –  Scatter Shooting

  1. Reminder: Join us at our next breakfast – 25 Mar – at Connies at 9:00AM.
  2. This Thursday the Idaho State ARES/RACES net will be beginning the Spring/Summer schedule for the net: Phone Portion at 8:30/20:30 MDT ; 7:30/19:30 PDT and Digital portion at 21:00 MDT 20:00 PDT. Contact  ka7erv@… for Zoom information.
  3. The Amateur Radio Club of the National Electronics Museum “K3NEM” puts on several classes every year, they use to only be in person but thanks to COVID they are now online.

Classes & Exams:

      1. Free weekly 3-hour Zoom sessions providing info on a wide range of Amateur Radio Operating Activities will start on Thursday March 30 and run through June 15 at 6:30 PM Eastern time.  Each session is independent, so you can attend all or just selected evenings.  The presenters will be folks very experienced in the various subjects.
      2. A detailed syllabus will be published before the classes begin.  Attend them all, or any that you like, but you must register for the classes.  To receive registration information, contact Rol Anders, K3RA, at 
      3. Subjects will include:
        • All About Operating–A general Introduction
        • Amateur Radio Organizations—Local to International
        • Ham Radio Awards
        • DXing-History and Tips from the Experts
        • QSLing-How to get that needed card for DXCC or WAS
        • VHF/UHF Weak Signal Work and “Roving”
        • Image Operating—Slow Scan and Fast Scan TV
        • Remote Station control over internet
        • Learning CW in the no-code era
        • Digital Modes—From RTTY to FT8 and beyond
        • Contesting—How to get started, tips for the beginner and intermediated contester
        • Logging Software—What’s available, how to use
        • Propagation—A general intro to HF Propagation
        • Amateur Satellites—How to get started
        • Portable (backpacking) operation—Tips from an expert
        • Setting Up a Modern (or not so modern) HF Station
        • Lightning Protection and Grounding
        • Traffic Handling
        • Public Service, Emergency Communications 

Rol Anders, K3RA is the primary instructor and part of the group that writes the questions for the question pools, so to say he know his stuff is an understatement. He is also one of the organizers of one of the largest (if not the largest) field day events W3AO


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