Bonner County Amateur Radio Club – K7JEP

This page and the calendar page are used for notifying members of scheduled Club activities or changes in those activities.  It will also notify members of any upcoming item considered of interest to Club members  (such as ARRL or FCC fee or regulation changes with links to those items).  The page will change frequently as notifications become outdated and are removed.  If you have an item you feel should be posted here for our members send me an email.

Bob Dennison, W0DX, led the “Gone Waki” team in the first example of what popular activity?

DXpeditions. Bob’s 1948 “Gon-Waki” operation as VP7NG (Bahamas) was the first modern DXpedition.


21 June 2024  Scatter Shooting

Our next meeting will be on 10 July at the VFW Hall, 1325 Pine St, corner of Pine and Division.   At our monthly meetings the Officers meet @ 5:00 PM, between 6:00 and 6:30PM you can find answers to your questions or just enjoy the fellowship of our members, the meeting starts promptly at 6:30PM.
There will be no breakfast for June due to Field Day (22-23).
Meeting and breakfast dates for the rest of the year (as I now have them):

          Meeting              Breakfast

  1. July 10th              July 20th
  2. Aug 14th               at the Fair
  3. Sept 11th         Sep-28th
  4. Oct 9th                  Oct-26th
  5. Nov 13th              Nov-23rd
  6. Dec 11th              Dec-21st
  1. The Club’s domain name has been renewed until 2030.
  2. I have have finished the first draft of the Club’s history.  I am now trying to contact others who might be able to add to the blank spots.
  3. All Monthly Publications, in PowerPoint format, and the current, as well as 1 year of past copies of the COAX, in PDF format, can be downloaded from this area. The June issue of the COAX can be viewed here.
  4. If you are not a member of , it is highly recommended that you join the group.  BCARC members will have to subscribe to in order to receive direct communications from the Club.  Non members will need to access the Facebook page or this website for links to the monthly presentations (PowerPoint format) and the COAX Newsletter.  When requesting admission please give your name and call sign.
    In addition, the Zoom code to attend meetings using Zoom will only be placed on the site.

Remember that it is by your dues that we are able to maintain and update our repeaters.   By completing a new form each year we are able to verify and maintain accurate records for our membership.  Please be aware it may take up to a week for processing.  A membership application is available here. 

Bonner County ARES VE Testing – sponsored here as it is free to take the test

They test at 10:00 AM at the Sandpoint Library (Community Room A).  The address is 1407 Cedar St, Sandpoint, ID 83864.

The good news is that there is no fee to take the exam and walk-ins are welcome.

You can see all details and all required material on their info page, here: .

Future test sessions (second Saturday, ~bi-monthly):
Jul 13, 2024
Sep 14, 2024
Nov 9, 2024