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8 August 2022

We will again have a presence at the Bonner County Fair (August 17-20).  Our monthly breakfast will be moved to the 20th at the Fair @ 9:00 AM.  (In my senility, if I remember right, the proceeds from this breakfast will aid the 4H Club.  So it will be for a worthy cause.)

We do need volunteers to work the booth.

2 August 2022

I am not sure if it is because I am logging in as the Admin or the page just starts that way but when I log into the Forums area I only see a “Main Category” and some recent topics listed below. If you are also seeing this, click on the “˅ Forums ” button below the Main Category and ALL forums that have been created will be shown.

If you “hover” over a forum name a “pop-up” will appear giving information about that forum.

“Elmer” – This is the only forum topic I added.  The Club, in the past, has paid “lip service” to needing or being an Elmer by including it on our membership/renewal application.  However, that was the extent of it.  This addresses that neglect.  Those needing help can post here and those more knowledgeable in that area can offer their advice or offer to be a mentor.

And, last, do we even want separate forums or just a discussion forum?

G.H.White KJ7ZIZ

23 July 2022

Dan’s photo is definitely better then mine!  Thank’s Dan.   We have a lot going on as can be seen from the posts.

We had a great turnout for our breakfast this morning.  We did outgrow our original room.  There were 12 members and 5 visitors.  Great Job.

From our July Meeting:

Our guest speaker, Brandon Vetter KD6UMY of the North Idaho Repeater group sharing with us some repeater basics as well as the plans for upgrades to the system tied to the ARDC grant we recently received.

(Got my finger in the way!)