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  • Where would you tune for a signal that has the same numeric value of frequency in Mhz and wavelength in meters?

18 Nov 2022

Yea!  Passed my General!

My apologies!! I got my notes from the last meeting screwed up.

With the holidays coming up, as we do every year, we are rearranging our schedules.

Our November breakfast will be held on the 19th Nov at the Hydra.  We do cordially invite your spouses at all our breakfast meetings.  However, the special invitation is next month.

Our next meeting is Dec 14th and the December breakfast will be on the 17th at the Hydra and we do cordially invite your spouses to attend.

5 Oct 2022

I stumbled across a site that may be of interest to all.

I have not fully checked out this site but it looks like it has something for everyone – from ARES to QSO.  I have checked the “Documents and Slideshow” of one topic (Beginner’s Intro to VHF & UHF- 3 sessions) session1 and it was very complete with 61 slides.  I did not have time to download the video and watch it.

The site allows you to sort the presentations in almost any order and to download them by You Tube Video, Documents and Slideshow, Download Video, or Vimeo Video (not sure what that one is).

Their homepage ( has the following:


Radio Amateur Training Planning and Activities Committee

Mission of the project

Radio Amateur Training Planning and Activities Committee (RATPAC) comprises Amateur Radio Operators of a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. Together, we host nationwide Amateur Radio Zoom presentations twice-a-week, Wednesdays on general radio topics and Thursdays on amateur radio emergency communications. The topics are selected from audience recommendations that the planning committee then seeks topic experts or discussion panel members. The presentation audience consists of thousands of amateur radio operators worldwide who participate directly in the Zoom sessions or with video links of the presentation and related documentation sent out after each session.