Bonner County Amateur Radio Club – K7JEP


An amateur radio net, or simply ham net, is a regularly scheduled on-the-air meeting of hams who have common interests and is one of the oldest ham radio activities.  The first net was probably formed as soon as two hams went on the air.

Sometimes, the net is strictly for pleasure, to discuss topics such as collecting things, playing radio chess, or pursuing awards.   Other nets are more utilitarian, such as those for traffic handling, emergency services, and weather reporting. The information provided on this page is done as a courtesy to the Amateur Radio community.  BCARC takes no responsibility for the accuracy of information listed here and has not verified any information provided to the group by others for the purpose of this listing.   Some of this information may be out of date.  Please email us if you have any corrections, additions or deletions of information.

Our Club Net is held every Sunday evening on-the-air at 7:00 PM local time on the NIRG (North Idaho Repeater Group) Linked Repeater System.  See the Repeaters page for current linked repeater status.  In the event of an Emergency, we will also use 145.600 simplex. We encourage all members to try their hand at being the net control operator. Anyone interested in trying can download the club net preamble by clicking here. 


 Note: For non HF nets please check the Repeaters Page for repeater offset and tones.  HF net frequencies can be adjusted +/- due to noise conditions and interference.   HF nets are listed in UTC/GMT time unless noted.  Local VHF/UHF nets are listed in local PST/PDT time unless noted.  (PST=winter time  PDT=summer time  L=local time  Z=zulu/UTC time)

 Local & NW Area Nets

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The National Traffic System (NTS) is an organized network of amateur radio operators sponsored by the American Radio Relay League for the purpose of relaying messages throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Information regarding the NTS can be found here.