Radio Propagation

There are hundreds of books published and web sites that give very detailed information on radio propagation. This page provides links to some great sources for learning about propagation as well as widgets showing current propagation conditions.

Radio propagation is effected by many different things such as the time of day, season of the year and weather conditions both where you are at and where the DX station is located. Below are some sites and widgets specifically for propagation conditions.

Wikipedia: Radio Propagation
N0HR: Understanding HF Radio Propagation Forecasts
AE4TM: The Basics of Radio Wave Propagation
Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology: Introduction to HF Radio Propagation

VOACAP HF Propagation Prediction and Ionospheric Communications Analysis

Two very nifty propagation tools:

VOACAP Propagation Planner

VOACAP HF Point-to-Point Propagation Predictions

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The largest factor determining propagation conditions on Earth is Space Weather. Solar conditions happening on the sun will either make or break radio propagation and DX conditions on Earth. As sun spots and solar conditions go through an 11 year cycle, conditions change literally minute by minute. Below are some sites and widgets specifically for space weather.

WM7D’s Solar Resource Page
Solar Terrestrial Dispatch
Radio Propagation : Space Weather : Sunspot Cycle Information
Space Weather: News and information about the Sun-Earth environment

Widgets below are provided by:
NOAA / Space Weather Prediction Center
NOAA / Space Weather Prediction Center – Radio User’s Page

Solar Wind Data:
ACE satellite solar wind data
North Pole Auroral Map: South Pole Auroral Map:
Auroral Map Auroral Map