Bonner County Amateur Radio Club – K7JEP

K7JEP: In memory of Neal Fredstrum

All of BCARC’s monthly publications are available from this area.

At this time, this consists of a link to the presentation slides from our monthly meetings (Power Point format), the COAX, our monthly newsletter (PDF format), and Minutes of the Board of Directors.  Should the Club add additional monthly publications in the future, they will also be made available from this area.

Slides from the monthly meetings

Because of the size limitations in uploading files by our provider we cannot upload these files to our site.  A link is provided below.  You will be re-directed to our repository where you can choose which monthly slides you wish to view.

These files are available here.

The COAX – our monthly news letter

Even though the COAX highlights current events, there may be a need to refer to previous issues.  Therefore, size limitations permitting, I will try to keep at least the last 12 issues available.  They will be in the form of:  Jan – COAX, Feb – COAX, etc. (all in blue).  By clicking on that item, that month’s COAX will be available.

Minutes of the Board of Directors

  • BOD – Jan 24                                   Bod – May 23 (NA)                      BoD – Sept 23
  • BoD – Feb 23 (NA)                          BoD – Jun 23 (NA)                       BoD – Oct 23
  • BoD – Mar 23 (NA)                         BoD – July 23  (NA)                      BoD – Nov 23           
  • Bod – Apr 23 (NA)                          BoD – Aug 23                                 BoD-Dec 23 (No Meeting)